Help Save Emerald Park!

Please type “Emerald Park” under Purpose to direct your donation towards preserving the park.

If you wish to donate via check, money order, or cash – please text to 215-833-6720.

Checks are payable to the East Kensington Neighbors Association



We need your help. Our unbelievably gorgeous pocket park on Emerald Street (by Dauphin) is about to be lost. This is a place of fruiting trees, flowers, benches, grass, a mural, tables- and our best memories of folk performances, puppet shows, workshops, meetings, yoga, workdays barbecues, dances, 1st kisses, and quiet reflection. The community will be heartbroken if we can not protect this place. We have lined up effective site control over 8 out of 9 lots- preventing the sale of this one lot is critical.

One slice of the park- almost in the middle- is owned by a local man who purchased it many years ago. He is selling the lot, if the community can not raise the funds- the park will be destroyed as a townhouse will be erected in the middle of the space.

We are calling all angels to help us close the deal. A loan- a gift – a tax write off – donation – whatever shape it takes we need the saving grace. The owner is willing to work with us if we can move quickly. His price is $34,000.

The greater number of folks contribute- the less that each person will have to give- and people will have some reserve for future missions. If you know other people who are passionate about defending precious green spaces in Philly neighborhoods- please forward this to them.

We ask if you can make a donation to the cause. We will make sure that all contributors are recognized. The most robust donations from individuals we have seen have been $350 and the most conservative from folks who are passionate but of very limited means has been $15. We also hope that a few angels will help take us closer to the finish line in shorter time. We are half way there in pledges for the space, mostly from residents and a few organizations who cherish open space.

Every person decides what donation, is practical for where they stand. All giving is appreciated.

Thank You,

Jeff C. – President, East Kensington Neighbors Association


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