Emerald Park Cleanup

Emerald Park Clean-up this Sunday June 3.
Come join us for 2 hours of  dirt-y fun.

Time – 10 AM  to 12 noon.
Location- Emerald Park/Corner of Dauphin and Emerald st.
Supplies -We will supply garden tools, gloves & liquids.
Feel free to bring your own sIupplies.

Come when you can,
Leave when you need to.

Be sure to wear your sunscreen &  hat.
We’ll do lunch afterwards at the park!
Try to arrive at 10 so we can all briefly participate in park goals,
then we will dig into the clean-up.

We are looking for volunteers for trash rotation duty.
Currently there are four of us who have our designated week to take
trash and recycle bin/s to the curb.
Trash goes out on Wednesday for Thursday morning pick up.
This rotation system may change, but we still need volunteers.
If you have any questions regarding this, please conVtact me.

Thank you volunteers for your continued support and park beautification


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