unnamedHappy Holidays from EKNA

Dear EKNA Member,

We know that with the holidays approaching you have a lot of priorities on how to spend your money. But we hope that along with shopping locally, you take the time to support your local neighborhood association by donating before the year is out.

The EKNA Executive Team cannot believe it has been a year since our new board, with our recent Board Member-At-Large additions, was elected into office. In that time, we must say that our proudest achievement was the formalization of our committee structure. With that formalization, we reworked our monthly meeting schedule to allow time at the end of the meeting for committee break-outs and we rewrote our bylaws to reflect our new structure. But most importantly, it was the work in these committees that truly shows the power of organized community. And if you happened to miss any of it, here’s a recap of the amazing work of our committees.


  • Created a pamphlet that shares the youth programming, recreation spaces, and schools in the community
  • Shared the pamphlet with real estate agents that recently toured several schools in our zip code.
  • In 2017, the team’s focus will be connecting youth with local programming and after school programs, as well as working with local businesses to connect teens with volunteer and paid opportunities

Small Business and Arts Fest

  • Successful 2nd-year partnership with NKCDC & PFCU for Arts Fest with over 5,000 attendees (despite the threat of rain!)
    • 100% sale of food and arts vendor slots
    • Sponsorship from PTSSD, other banks, etc. as well as National marketing coverage
  • Funds raised at Arts Fest have supported 6 mini-grants for local business and organizations, as well as other high-impact programming in the neighborhood


  • Collaborated with local historic preservation groups Kensington Olde Richmond Heritage (KORH), Keeping Society, Neighborhood Preservation Alliance, and the Greater Philadelphia Preservation Alliance, as well as other individuals involved with historic preservation across the city.
  • Wrote two nominations for the Philadelphia Registry of Historic Places: Frankford Ave Baptist Church and Harbisons’ Dairies. The church nomination went to the full Philadelphia Historical Commission on 10/14 and was approved unanimously, so it is now listed on the registry.
  • Preparing nominations for additional properties to be listed on the local registry.

Community Affairs and Public Safety

  • Joined the Crosstown Coalition.
  • Lobbied Councilwoman Sanchez’s office about reforming Tow Truck Operator regulations to improve safety and accountability. Collected and disseminated neighborhood level data on Operator compliance as well as community member reports of reckless Operator behaviour.
  • Collaborated with L&I to provide EKNA members with easy access to the Philadelphia Circular Free program.


  • Continued our robust schedule of an average of 3 zoning cases at each monthly meeting
  • Successfully completed the community input process of Zoning Remapping in Council Districts 1 and 7 for our boundaries

Green Spaces

  • Helped facilitate community meetings to progress the renovations of Pop’s Playground and Hagert Street Playground
  • Conducted hugely successful clean-ups on the Philly Spring Clean Up and the Oct. 22nd Community Clean Up
  • Made it to the final round of the PHS Placemaker Grant proposals for our Frankford Avenue Greening Proposal

Again, we know that there are a lot of causes to support this giving year. But we hope that you can make the investment in your community that you know will be reinvested back into you. Please donate today.

Nic Esposito
President, East Kensington Neighbors Association