Clean Up Committee

Clean Up Committee

EKNA holds monthly neighborhood clean-ups on Saturdays from 10:00am-12:00 pm. Upcoming clean-ups are announced at EKNA meetings and through the mailing list.

East Kensington Neighbors Association (EKNA) will supply trash bags and some tools, we encourage you to bring gloves, brooms and rakes if you have them. We have vests now too!

NOTE: Cleanups will not be rescheduled for inclement weather or snow cover. We will clean in the cold.

The Philly Tree People is a non-profit group founded by EKNA members- Jacelyn Blank and Nykia Perez, who together with nearby Kens. resident Dina Richman attended the Tree Tending training provided by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. The training is one of the finest things our city has to offer. Participants learn the art and science of tree planting and help rebuild a healthy environment in the community for coming generations.

For more info about becoming a Tree Tender visit the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society or better yet check out the Philly Tree People website.

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