EKNA Zoning Results

January 11, 2017 Zoning Meeting Results (1/23/2017)

Support 30/2 – 2235 Blair St: Single family house on a lot zoned commercial mix use (because it backs up to Frankfort Ave but Blair is residential)

Support 26/5 – 2654 Martha St: Application to create 2 lots from one

Support 17/16 – 2045 Trenton Ave: Application for multi-family residential use in industrial structure (2nd meeting)

Support 15/6 – 2425 Coral St: Application for 3 residential units in a multi-family structure


August 10 Zoning Meeting Results (8/13/2016)
  • 2101 E York St.: Proposal for sit down restaurant in an existing structure
    VOTE: 62 Yes 7 No
  • 1804-14 E Hazzard St.: Proposal for a four-family dwelling (existing structure) in a commercial district
    VOTE: 24 Yes 2 No 1 Abstain
  • 2301 N Front St: Proposal for residential use in 2nd through 5th floor of existing commercial structure
    VOTE: 24 Yes 1 No


June 8 Zoning Meeting Votes (6/16/2016)
  • 2019 E Boston St- Private Club (Urban Axes)
    VOTE: 37 Yes 11 No 2 Abstain
  • 1840-50 E Cumberland St – Variance for Rear yard area.
    VOTE: 43 Yes 0 No 7 Abstain
  • 2633 Kensington Av – Variance for use (5 residential units instead of 2 allowed by code, Rear yard depth proposed 7 ft (9 ft required), open area 19.4% proposed (20% required)
    VOTE: 29 Yes 8 No 13 Abstain
  • 2116 E Arizona St – Variance for use (proposed single family home in I-2 zoning)
    VOTE: 34 Yes 1 No 15 Abstain
  • 1935-37 E Letterly St – Proposal for 2 family dwelling in RSA-5 need variance for rear yard depth as well.
    VOTE: 36 Yes 1 No 13 Abstain


EKNA Zoning/Liquor License Meeting – Tonight, 9/12 (9/12/2012)

The EKNA Zoning Committee will be holding a public community meeting tonight, Wednesday, September 12 to review one zoning variance and one application for a liquor license.
Meeting info:
Date: Wednesday, 9/12
Time: 7:15 pm
Location: Circle of Hope, 2007 Frankford Ave

7:15 pm – 2042 E Sergeant St.
Proposal for new construction residential on a non-conforming vacant lot zoned for single-family.

7:45 pm – 2146 E Susquehanna Ave (Soup Kitchen)


Proposal for liquor license.

Zoning Meeting Tonight- Frankford Ave RESCHEDULED // Fletcher Street case still on (7/11/2012)

COMMUNITY ZONING MEETING TONIGHT July 11th – 7:15PM – Circle of Hope, 2009
Frankford Avenue

Re: 2024-26 East Fletcher Street – REVIEW IS TONIGHT AT 7:15pm

Review is for: Construction of a six-unit dwelling with off-street
parking on a vacant lot zoned for multi-family.

Still on schedule for Tonight, July 11th @ 7:15 PM, Circle of Hope, 2009
Frankford Ave



The Community Meeting for 2519 Frankford Ave – was scheduled for tonight-
July 11. This is now postponed until August at the request of the
Applicant late yesterday.
EKNA will be requesting a continuance from the ZBA for that proposal to
allow time for the community review to happen before the ZBA hearing.


Trenton Ave Arts Fest Recap (5/30/2012)

2012 Trenton Ave Arts Fest

Thanks to everyone for making the 2012 Trenton Ave Arts Fest / Kinetic
Kensington Derby a huge success!

Email eknacommunity@gmail.com with your photos from the day for the website.

Check out these links to photos and video from the fest:


Emerald Park Cleanup (5/30/2012)

Emerald Park Clean-up this Sunday June 3.
Come join us for 2 hours of  dirt-y fun.

Time – 10 AM  to 12 noon.
Location- Emerald Park/Corner of Dauphin and Emerald st.
Supplies -We will supply garden tools, gloves & liquids.
Feel free to bring your own sIupplies.

Come when you can,
Leave when you need to.

Be sure to wear your sunscreen &  hat.
We’ll do lunch afterwards at the park!
Try to arrive at 10 so we can all briefly participate in park goals,
then we will dig into the clean-up.

We are looking for volunteers for trash rotation duty.
Currently there are four of us who have our designated week to take
trash and recycle bin/s to the curb.
Trash goes out on Wednesday for Thursday morning pick up.
This rotation system may change, but we still need volunteers.
If you have any questions regarding this, please conVtact me.

Thank you volunteers for your continued support and park beautification

January 2012 Minutes (5/10/2012)

here are the minutes from the January 2012 general meeting

Philadelphia Citywide cleanup (4/10/2012)

The Philadelphia Citywide Clean-up is on Saturday, April 14. EKNA is
hosting a clean-up around the megalots area and surrounding sidewalks.
Meet-up is at 10:00 am at Leotah’s Place (York and Coral). Bring
gloves and tools if you want, and we will also have supplies. Free
lunch afterwards for volunteers at the Brewery!

The next EKNA monthly meeting is on Monday, April 16 at 7:00 pm at the
Brewery. Agenda items will be sent out next week.


April EKNA Zoning cases (4/10/2012)

April is busy for EKNA!

There will be a community zoning meeting on Wednesday, April 11 at
7:15 pm at Circle of Hope (2009 Frankford Ave) to discuss four zoning
cases. Details below.


Community Zoning Meeting

When: Wednesday, April 11 at 7:15 pm
Where: Circle of Hope (2009 Frankford Ave), first floor

2537-41 Frankford Ave
2119 E. Norris St
2557 Amber St
2115-15 E Susquehanna Ave

2537-41 Frankford Ave: Creation of a two-family dwelling within an
existing structure with insufficient rear yard.

2119 E Norris St: Subdivision of one lot into two lots. Construction
of two new single-family houses.

2557 Amber St: Relocation of rear lot lines. Rezoning of existing
three-story building for first floor commercial and two apartments

2111-15 E Susquehanna Ave: Relocation of lot lines to create one lot
from two existing lots. Demolition of a one-story structure. Creation
of six parking spaces. Rezoning of existing three-story building for
first floor commercial and six apartments above.

The Zoning Committee of the East Kensington Neighbors Association
(EKNA) will meet with applicants representing these properties to
consider these zoning variances. All neighbors are invited to attend.